Did you know? Baby Tasmanian Devils are called “imps”.

The Tasmanian Devil is a small, carnivorous marsupial that became extinct on

mainland Australia around 400 years ago. Devils can still be found in the wild in

Tasmania, an island state off the southern coast of Australia.

Like all marsupials, female Tassie Devils have pouches in which they rear their

young. The females generally weigh around 7kgs, while the males can weigh up to

14kgs and reach 30cm tall at the shoulder.

Tassie Devils are good scavengers, and eat half rotten carcasses as well as fresh kills.

Like many scavengers, they eat the whole carcass – fur, bones and all! To eat bones,

they have incredibly strong jaws. In fact, Devils have the biting strength of animals 4

times their size. For example, a 10kg Devil can bite as hard as a 40kg dog!

Tasmanian Devils have an unearthly cry – that makes them sound very savage and is

probably why they were called “Devils”. In reality, though, Tassie Devils are quite

shy and rarely bite humans, unless cornered.

Did you know? Marsupials store fat in their tails so their body has something to

provide energy when food is scarce. When you see any marsupial with a fat tail,

you’ll know it’s in good condition.

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