Wombat Poo !!

When you’re talking about the weird and wonderful traits of Aussie animals, you can’t go past wombat poo.

You see good ol’ wombat poo (or scat as the more polite, scientific community call it) is cube shaped and each morning, the average wombat deposits 80 -100 cubes (usually in groups of 4-5) around its burrow. Ouch!

There are a couple of reasons why wombat scat is cubed – mostly it has to do with moisture content. It can take up to 18 days for food to get processed within the wombat’s digestive tract – maximising the absorption of nutrients, but leaving extremely dehydrated remnants to pass out the other end! Wombats actually produce the driest poop of any mammal! This is a good thing for an animal that is native to some very arid areas, where moisture is hard to come by, even though it leaves the excreted portion so dry that it comes out cubed rather than round.

Try to look on the bright side, this shape does help the wombats to mark their territory. Wombats like to deposit their droppings on top of logs and rocks around their burrows. The cube shape prevents their poo from simply rolling off to less important areas. Bet you’ll never look at a wombat the same way again! 😀

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