Of all the weird and wonderful fauna we have here in Australia, my favourites have to be the Monotremes.

Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young!

The 5 surviving examples of monotremes – the platypus and 4 species of echidna – are found only in Australia and New Guinea.

The name Monotreme means “single opening” (Greek “monos” meaning “single” and “trema” meaning “hole”) and describes the fact that their urinary, defecatory and reproductive systems all open into a single duct called the cloaca. (All other female mammals have separate openings for urination, defecation and reproduction).

Monotremes are placed in two families—with the platypus belonging to Ornithorhynchidae and echidnas in the Tachyglossidae family. Baby Monotremes are known as “puggles”

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