The Bilby in the Aussie outback comes for a visit

Easter is the perfect time to talk about the Bilby. The notion of an Easter Bilby, to replace the Easter Bunny (rabbits being feral pests in Australia) was first mooted in 1968, with the first chocolate Bilbies produced in 1991.

Bilbo is a shy little marsupial, and is the largest member of the bandicoot family weighing up to 2.5kgs. They measure up to 55cm long with an additional 29cm of tail! .... Cute, with soft blue/grey fur, white bellies and black tails with a white crest and naked tip.

Like Koalas (whose name means “no drink”) the Bilbies also rarely drink, getting all the hydration they need from their food – a varied diet of seeds,spiders, insects (including larvae), fruit, fungi and even smaller animals!

The Bilby is truly nocturnal, not emerging from their burrows until after dusk and returning well before dawn to sleep the day away. (I know a few people like this, too!) Because they area a burrowing marsupial, their pouches open backwards (like wombats) to keep the dirt out when they are digging.

Sadly, the Lesser Bilby is believed to be extinct and the Greater Bilby is on the endangered list. Please consider supporting the Easter Bilby for future Easter celebrations, as the Bilby is the official mascot for the Commonwealth of Australia Endangered Species Program. Also they're wonderfully cute !!

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