Have you ever wondered ???

Ever wondered which collective nouns are used for Australian animals? No? Must be just me then 😀 I have a bit of a penchant for collective nouns (words used to describe groups of things) so thought I’d check out some Aussie specific ones.

Not surprisingly, we have recycled many standard collective nouns – e.g. a mob of kangaroos or emus; a gaggle of geese etc. But a decade or so ago, a former director of the Australian National Dictionary Centre in Canberra, Bruce Moore, compiled some Aussie specific collective nouns such as:

A carolling of currawongs; A chatroom of galahs; A bask of crocodiles; A smack of jellyfish.

Not bad, but I’ve come up with a few more:

A spike of echidnas; A puddle of platypus; A quarrel of quolls; A party of possums (especially at 3am, on my roof!)

So – what collective nouns do you use for Aussie animals? Do you remember some from common usage in your youth? Or maybe, like me, you just like to make up your own! We’d love to hear your contributions.

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